Our Values

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Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.


Our firm is one of the leading firms in the area.  By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

Our high standards, service and specialized staff spell the difference between our outstanding performance, and other firms.  We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm.


Regardless of the size of the business, we make sure our clients get the attention they deserve.  We take deadlines seriously and understand that speed and efficiency create advantages.  We go where the client needs us, and bring the latest technology and automated tools to help get the job done timely and accurately.


Our attention to quality is evident in our adherence to high standards of professional and business ethics and the credentials of our staff.  We undergo a peer review process every three years and conduct internal inspections annually.  We are pleased to report that we have received a positive opinion as reported by the peer review (pass with no deficiencies).  In addition, this report was issued with no letter of comments about our work (less than 5% of accounting firms in the country receive such an opinion).  A copy of this letter can be referenced below.

In today’s competitive environment, setting and achieving high standards is expected and is good business practice.  Our own internal inspections of quality professional service and the results of our peer review provide a positive basis for differentiating GS&Co. from other firms.

Our quality control program includes independent reviews of all client engagements, an annual internal inspection that is more extensive then the triennial peer review, quality control reviews for engagements prior to issuance of the financial statement, and strict independence requirements.  Staff audit personnel through partners maintain technical proficiency by participating in mandatory technical training as part of the firm’s continuing professional education program.  In addition, the firm mandates industry specific education for professional personnel based on their specialized industry involvement.

For more information on the peer review process, please visit our Professional Credentials page.