The Reviewers Group of Long Island

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The Reviewers Group of Long Island

GS&Co. has a strong commitment to quality control, and supports initiatives to continually improve and maintain a high level of quality within the profession.  One of these initiatives is The Reviewers Group of Long Island.

George I. Victor, CPA, partner in charge of Quality Control at GS&Co., recently formed The Reviewers Group of Long Island.

The Reviewers Group of Long Island is a membership association of Quality Control Reviewers from local and regional CPA firms, that provides a forum for its members to meet with colleagues from other accounting firms.  The group meets periodically throughout the year and draws members from firms with offices throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

The meetings cover a wide range of topics including accounting, audit, compilation, reviews, and specialized industry matters, among other areas.  Discussions are often centered on practice issues and recent developments in accounting and auditing, based on relevant guidance or pronouncements from professional standard setters, such as the AICPA, ASB, ARSC, FASB, PCAOB, DOL, and SEC.

The Reviewers Group of Long Island operates in a collaborative forum.  The open and comprehensive discussions during the meetings afford each member the opportunity to discuss a wide variety of topics, gain insights from other members on current practice problems and technical issues, discuss best practices, and stay ahead of the curve on recent developments in the profession.

This forum greatly benefits members having either significant or limited experience.  Members with significant experience are able to share their experience and insights, interacting with other colleagues to arrive at a consensus of opinions, while others with less experience learn from exposure to this wealth of knowledge.

The Reviewers Group of Long Island contributes to the profession by helping its members enhance quality control in their firms, and continuing to raise the bar of the profession.

For further information about the Reviewers Group of Long Island, please contact George I. Victor, CPA at